Pre-Loved Clothes Sale – 20. November 2021

Pre-Loved Clothes Sale – 20. November 2021

Pre-Loved Clothes Sale – 20. November 2021

  • Posted by Caroline Degen
  • On 13. March 2022

We arrived on a murky Saturday afternoon at Alison’s house in Monheim.  We were immediately greeted with smiley faces from behind the desk in  the from hall.  There was a buzz around the place and lots of laughter coming from various rooms. 

Our names were duly registered and we checked in on the corona warn app (safety first ! ).  Then we bought our raffle tickets and were ready to go in and browse the rails.  So much stuff!!  It was like an Aladdins cave.  I didn’t know where to start but I did… lo and behold I had found within three minutes two practically new jumpers.  My first thought was who wouldn’t want these??  They are lovely!  So I duly bought them and thought well that’s good that’s me done.  But no!  There were more treasures to be found…a hat perfect for dog walking and a beautiful dress that was too big for Nicola but fitted me perfectly.  Whoever donated these…thank you! 

Next I wondered over to a stall that Becky was looking after and bought 2 NEW pashminas.  One of them will be a gift for my mother at Christmas.  Anita K also had a rail of her lovely wares. 

 The buffet was huge full of delicious delights kindly brought and donated by members.  Joyce had made scones (to die for), there was a delectable Barabrith welsh cake made by Ally, Sheena made her now famous sausage rolls, Becky provided a cheeseboard, Irene made an amazing banana bread, Janet provided the lemon cake (mmmm yum yum), Catherine brought her cheese and fruit sticks and Alison provided the Sekt and sandwiches.  I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone but really it was a fantastic spread.  Thanks also go to Diana and Jean for their expert sandwich making skills!! 


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