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July Breakfast at Heinemann

To take place at Café Heinemann,

Martin-Luther-Platz 32, 40212 Düsseldorf

on Tuesday, 9th July 2024

at 10 am


Chairman’s Welcome

We are a friendly club of approximately 160 British and Commonwealth ladies living and working in Düsseldorf.  Our club also includes a small percentage of  other nationalities including German ladies.  We come from all backgrounds and walks of life, but what we do have in common is a sense of community and fun.  We pride ourselves on being an all-inclusive community and we encourage women of all ages to share life together for our mutual benefit and to ensure that the club, founded in 1946, continues to thrive and meet the needs of English-speaking women.

We believe that we are an important link with home for our members now living in Germany and we are also a life-line to adjusting to life here in Düsseldorf for newcomers.  We can provide members with help and practical advice on situations such as finding schools, where to shop, best restaurants and general survival skills (e.g. finding a doctor and form-filling if your German isn’t good enough) and help you to settle in and make friends here in Düsseldorf.

This website gives a comprehensive overview of the club and its activities, but for more information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!  The committee and I look forward to meeting you soon at one of our regular events.

The British Women’s Club Chairman

Tricia Roberts

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Past Events

A selection of written accounts by our members of recent and past outings, excursions and social gathering.

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British Women's Club nominated charities 2024

Whilst we are predominantly a social and a community club, we also undertake charity work.  Below are our two nominated charities for 2024

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    The Leicestershire Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Centre has been run by trustees since 1985, some of whom have MS themselves.
    MS is a chronic, typically progressive, disease involving damage to the sheaths of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Symptoms of MS include numbness, impairment of speech, muscular co-ordination, blurred vision and severe fatigue. It is estimated that there are more than 100,000 people diagnosed with MS in the UK.
    Support is provided for people living with MS or similar illnesses through oxygen therapy, holistic therapy and physiotherapy, as well as support for mental wellbeing of those with MS or similar illnesses.


    The Tafel Düsseldorf are committed to ensuring that surplus food ends up in the hands of the people who need it most.
    In this way, they indirectly help to alleviate financial hardship and at the same time enable those who need help to eat a healthy and balanced diet. To this end, they work together with retailers and manufacturers who provide them with their goods that are no longer saleable but of impeccable quality.
    To ensure that the food donations reach where they are needed, around 70 volunteers work for the Tafel. With refrigerated transports, the food is collected from bakeries, supermarkets and other goods dispensers and then prepared for collection at the independent distribution points.

Christmas Cards

The BWC donates each year to one British and one German charity
chosen by our members.  By far the most successful and popular
fundraiser of the Club is the annual Christmas card.

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Pack of five cards with envelopes ONLY € 5.—

The original paintings for our Christmas cards are kindly donated for use to the Club by local artist, Frau Edith Hackspiel.  These cards are available with either Christmas greetings or left blank to use for any occasion.

All proceeds go to the British Women’s Club chosen charities:

The Leicestershire Multiple Schlerosis (MS) Centre in Great Britain

Die Tafel in Germany

Do you buy online?  The BWC is now part of the Amazon partner programme in Germany and the UK. Any purchase you make via the BWC website will earn the club a percentage of the sale (up to 5%) which will then go to our charities. Simply click on the Amazon logo which will take you directly to the relevant Amazon website.

Event Calendar

The Events Calendar is temporarily out of use.  For forthcoming events, please refer to the monthly online Newsletter.

outings, excursions, museum and art gallery visits, organised walks, guided tours, luncheons and others.  all details to be found in the newsletter.