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For those interested in tennis, please contact Sandra E. Tennis is usually played at one of the three tennis clubs in Lohausen, Neusser Weg 90: TG Nord Düsseldorf e.V. or Lohausener Sport Verein 1920 e.V. either on indoor courts or outdoor, depending on the season.

Wednesday tennis at TSG Blau Weiß, Neusser Weg 90, Lohausen:  Tennis for everyone from October until April from 11.00 – 1 pm.  Just turn up.  We play mixed, men’s and ladies doubles.  According to how many people turn up, we can usually have two games for an hour each costing €3.50 per game.  Tennis shoes should be without a profile or colour for the indoor courts.  Contact Janet V.

For badminton, please contact Pat H.  Usually played at the Badminton Centre, Vogelsanger Weg in Mörsenbroich.



  • DateThere are several members who play either tennis or badminton privately.
  • OrganiserIf you are interested in playing, please contact Pat Haselwood for badminton and Sandra Evans for tennis.