The Committee

The British Women's Club Düsseldorf e.V. Committee

Meet the present committee members of the BWC appointed in 2021

The Committee

Alison Benedickter

Catherine Roth
Vice Chairman

Tanya White

Irene Oberdorfer

Claire Naumann
Membership Secretary

Sheena Gentles
Newsletter Editor

Alison Schwidden
Luncheon Secretary

Rebecca Rice
Social Events Organiser


Sandra Evans

Pat Haselwood

Caroline Degen



Charity & Christmas Cards

Melissa Cameron

Joyce Fuhrmann
Charity Card Coordinator

Coffee Coordinators

Avril Peters

Carol Helliwell-Maier
(NORTH 1+2)

Catherine Roth
(WEST 1)

Catriona Kopschina

Marianne Bailey
(WEST 2)

Flower Ladies

These ladies deliver flowers or a small gift to members for special occasions or in times of illness and bereavement.

Lilo Aufermann

Ann John
(North 1)

Penny Trollope Schaal

Joyce Fuhrmann
(West 1)

Lynda Krüger
(West 2)

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(North 2)