From Claudia

From Claudia

  • Posted by Stefan
  • On 13. April 2021

Dear Ladies,

When I took notice about the Feng Shui Seminar in the March newsletter (which unfortunately had to be cancelled), it rang a bell.  I studied Feng Shui many years ago and also followed their practices, but over the years, lost track.

Instantly the words “Declutter”, “Energy flow” and “Arranging” came into my mind. Looking at my desk, though, I realised I was far away from that!  It was overloaded with files and documents in progress.

But how to arrange any desk in a good Feng Shui layout to improve productivity and energy levels?  No matter whether you are working from home now, or you are not working from home now, whether you have a business or you don’t have a business or whether you are not working at all and just have a desk at home?

In fact, this ancient Chinese art and science can also help putting together an ideal, balanced space for focusing and finding clarity when working on different aspects of life.  I decided to move into action and started to do some research. What I found is so interesting that I would like to share this with you.

I have prepared a basic desk guide followed by a drawing which summarizes the main points.

Basic Feng Shui Desk Guide

When arranging your feng shui desk, it’s important you have a clear understanding of your working style and the purpose of your desk first. Before you start to add or remove items from your desk, make a goal list of your aspirations, objectives and areas of your life you wish to focus on.  Whether you’re starting a new passion project, working on improving your health or need help focusing on schoolwork, knowing your needs beforehand will help you determine the changes you need to make to the surface of your desk.

A minimalist look isn’t always the best in Feng Shui unless there’s only one area in your career you’d like to focus on.  Having practical items and decor can further help you harness the necessary energy to achieve your goals. Things like indoor purifying plants, crystals and notepads are great for the surface of your desk. However, all items on your desk should be organised and kept in order.

The following drawing of a Feng Shui Desk I prepared is arranged according to the Bagua map. This map is used as a guide to arrange homes and spaces in a way that encourages a positive energy flow through different areas of your life.  If used correctly, your desk arrangement can help you focus on things like wealth, creativity and relationships to propel you to the next stage of your career.