From Ann

From Ann

  • Posted by Sandra
  • On 23. April 2021

Hi everyone

What a lovely idea to keep in touch with everyone.

I must say, I feel very blessed living out in the sticks as I am able to get out and walk my dog Harry, not of the nobility, obviously!  We have lovely countryside around here so we are also able go out on our bikes,  and therein lies a story!

Yes, feeling energetic, I donned my very fetching cycle helmet and proceeded to charge off down the road.  I have to say, I am very good at doing a three-point turn in a car but not so good, as I found out, on a bike.  Unfortunately, I hit the curb and shot off my bike like a bullet, slammed onto the concrete and slid into a lamp post.  Gosh, thank goodness for the cycle helmet.  My dear late father always said I had a thick skull or at least I think that’s what he meant  so I ended up in the A&E at Viersen which was a very surreal experience.  I must be a tough old bird because I was still in one piece, no broken bones, just very bruised ribs, so, Catherine, I won’t be joining your keep fit at the moment but keep up the good work.

In the meantime, I’ve been Wonder Woman for my grandson, saving the world, must make note for myself to get the outfit    Also his model for makeup and new hairstyle, which I have to say would be a good look for me for Halloween, although he said I looked like a princess.   Oh to have the vision of a four year old.

The weather is great at the moment, sun shining and a chill in the air so I’m off out with my little dog, maybe give the bike another go next week and try to keep the derriere firmly planted on the seat!

So, everyone, take care, be safe and keep eating the chocolate

Love to all

Ann (Gardner)