From Catherine

From Catherine

  • Posted by Sandra
  • On 3. May 2021

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago we were out celebrating Carnival (well actually I wasn’t as I hate it but my husband and son were out every day enjoying it) and now we are in almost complete lockdown.

I am just so grateful to all the doctors and nurses who are working day and night to save the lives of so many thousands of people across the world who have been affected by the dreadful Coronavirus.

They are my heroes.
Sadly, I can’t save lives but I can try to keep us fit and mobile.You can’t go to your normal fitness classes so the fitness classes will come to you – via Skype.The classes are low-impact (which means we do not jump around) and are based on pilates excercises. Absolutely everyone is welcome.The times of the classes are:
Tuesdays            10:00 – 11:00
Wednesdays      18:00 – 19:00
Thursdays          10:00 – 11:00

These can be changed if necessary.

You have to have Skype and use my Skype name Live:croth_59

So come along and give it a try.

The worst thing that can happen is:

  1. My skype doesn’t work
    2.            Your skype doesn’t workThe best thing that can happen is:1.            We stay fit
    2.            We have fun
    3.            We get to see each other on our screens

Send me an email or write to me via Skype if you are interested.

Let’s try and stay healthy everyone


Catherine x




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