From Anna

From Anna

  • Posted by Sandra
  • On 3. May 2021
  1. March 2020

Yes, great idea Sandra to get this blog going.

I am feeling thankful that I returned safely from my recent road trip to Portugal and back (some 5,800 kms) before the Pandemic started here. I am also feeling with all the travellers stuck in various countries around the world, no doubt dreaming of home.

Meanwhile, I am catching up on some chores, reading, listening to music and having a walk out in the sunshine each day. I have almost finished the May Newsletter’s Profile.  I’m also making sure I keep out of my husband’s way some of time, he is used to me being out and about and having the house to himself.

I am probably watching too many movies. I followed Alison’s recent tip and am watching “The Crown”. Addictive! And Pat has given me a few movie tips as well.

Plan for tomorrow – join Catherine’s Pilates class on Skype.  Stay well and happy everyone!



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