From Ina

From Ina

  • Posted by Sandra
  • On 3. May 2021
  1. March 2020

Hello dear ladies,

I am sitting here and enjoying the view over the park and watching the trees blooming more and more every day. I have been told to clear my bookshelves because I am getting new windows, I am sitting in a mess because it was quite tiring and dirty to pull all the books down on the floor and nobody is coming. The date for the new windows has been postponed from day to day and now I was promised yesterday that they would come tomorrow. I told the General Manger that I would really like to cancel it since I am worried that they will not be able to fix everything as it was before, and if they ruin the wallpaper and paint? I really don’t feel like repainting the apartment at my age. He told me not to panic, we should wait and see what happens on Monday!

As far as bridge is concerned, why not have a nice foursome with just a cup of coffee? If you go shopping, you have many more shoppers around you than at a little round of bridge? It could be here at my plac

Lilo, I am sorry that your moving looks as if it will be postponed – sitting in a halfway cleared out apartment must really be frustrating!

Love to all of you



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