From Lynda

From Lynda

  • Posted by Sandra
  • On 3. May 2021

30th March 2020

Dear Bridglings, Mahjongers, friends and members of the club

So pleased to hear that you are all well and mastering this crisis.

It’s been so nice to read all your emails with all your hints and tips of things to do.  I have a list too but haven’t done much yet.

You do all sound busy. It’s amazing how quickly everyone has organised things to keep everyone happy and active. Perhaps it is a bit of a relief not to have to worry what you look like – unless you are skyping everyone!

A friend emailed me recently and said that, for the last week, she has worn neither makeup nor bra!

She went on to say how liberating it was!  On regarding myself in the mirror recently, I wondered whether anyone else is in danger of succumbing to a little self-neglect?  Really should wash my hair today, on the other hand – is anyone coming?  Am I going out?  Will my husband notice?  Negative answer to all three questions.

But then, there’s my mother.  “You must never let yourself go” she always said and to this day, at 95, lives up to it.  Always dressed and tidy, as she puts it, before coming downstairs, never sits at the breakfast table in her dressing gown. So, with her voice ringing in my ears, I make the effort and wash my hair. But secretly I hope the hairdressers will open soon, I’m beginning to look like an English Sheep Dog.

Pat suggested we could all put on our own performance of “Hair” if this goes on much longer!

Best wishes to everyone and let’s hope we can get back to normal soon.

Meanwhile, take care.

Love, Lynda


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