From Margaret

From Margaret

  • Posted by Sandra
  • On 3. May 2021


We’d heard about it in the news,
listened to all the different views,

It came upon us without warning,
on the 16th of March in the morning,

It was drastic restrictions we had to obey,
not knowing how long they were here to stay.

Schools and nurseries were closed down,
Church services prohibited in every town.

Border controls, no tourists allowed,
No booking hotels, or gathering in a crowd.

Public facilities must close, playgrounds were blocked.
Restaurants were restricted, lots of businesses were stopped.

As I’m writing this poem, nearly two weeks have gone by.
The death toll is rising, listening to the news makes me cry.

For all those involved,  frontline workers and relations.
It’s a worrying situation for the entire population.

In many countries, the resources are lacking.
This corona pandemic is really nerve-racking.

What we value in life we begin to realise,
such as food, warmth and clear blue skies.

I find it easy, marooned at home,
complying with rules, I am not alone.

From what I read in your letters, you are all coping well,
I think we ladies are so lucky, time will tell.

How lucky you are, Susanne
to have such a funny Chah Wallah.
And Sandra, the hen coop could be fun
fresh eggs daily, if they escape, a free run:-)

Two weeks have brought a lot of change.
Our club has had to rearrange .

Virtual fitness, book club via skype.
Idea for this blog and lots of great type

So much had been achieved in such a short time.
And now you are getting this little rhyme.

So if we carry on in this way,

in two months’ time we can hopefully say

‘Goodbye Corona’, from the club

or we join the BWC Virtual Pub!Cheers

Margaret xx


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