Christmas Luncheon 2022

BWC Christmas Luncheon – 14th December,  2022

On a chilly Wednesday in December, 77 members of the club gathered at the Industrie Club for the annual BWC Christmas luncheon. We were all dressed in our Sunday best and wore happy smiles. The Sekt reception was full of welcome cheer, hugs and laughter.  After 12:00, we found our seats at our allotted tables, which were inviting, well-decorated and contained the essential Christmas Crackers… the festivities could begin.

Our acting chair, Margot took the podium and sadly informed us that our Chairperson, Joyce couldn’t attend the event due to Covid. Jovially, Margot took over the reins as a pro, thank you Margot.

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As for the entertainment, exceptional as every year. Carole’s reading “Christmas At The Mews”, was Christmassy and regal, so fitting. Gail’s Christmas medley (Winter Wonderland/Let It Snow) hit the right note, as she has a beautiful voice. Last but not least, our special fairy was a real hoot, singing “Nobody Loves A Fairy When She’s 40″…job well done Pat.

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One of the best parts of any Christmas lunch is the meal. It was a superb meal, the Industrie Club did a great job of the turkey and all the trimmings. The Christmas pudding also went down a treat.

The wonderful carol singing helped us all digest our meal and spread the Christmas cheer, slap on the back everyone.

Another, highlight of the lunch is of course, the raffle, with many prizes galore and winners to boot. The main prize, the framed picture of this year’s Christmas card went to the one and only Anita W.  …  congratulations.

Unfortunately, the lunch had to come to an end, but we all left with full tummies, joyful memories and a good start into the Christmas season.

At this point, the club committee would like to thank all the members for their generous contribution to Knackpunkt. “Well done everyone, the parcels all looked lovely.”

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to the committee for all their hard work they have put into the 2022 Christmas Lunch.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

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